8 months on the road

8 Months ago we left our home, jobs, family, friends, two cats and two puppies behind and we started one of our greatest adventures. 

8 Months, 12 countries, 2 continents and a million new friends later we are about to board our final flight which marks the end of our amazing adventure for now… Yes, for now. Although we plan on (sort of) settling down in Bulgaria that doesn't mean that we are giving up on travel. Just the opposite… So here is the grand, master plan:

  1. Set up home base in Bulgaria - work a little bit, spend time with family and friends 

  2. Travel around Europe taking advantage of the cheap flight deals that budget airlines offer 

Yep, it’s very detailed and complicated right? As we are just about to board our flight… I am filled with mixed emotions - I am excited, I am sad, I am eager to go home, I am not ready to say goodbye to SE Asia and the warmth and overall amazingness that this part of the world has to offer. A few months ago due to some “dark times” while being on the road, I started missing the routine of being at home… just having a home, sleeping in the same bed, cooking my own dinner. We went traveling to escape the routine and yet I found myself wanting, even needing that routine after awhile. Our days became a well-oiled machine - wake up, breakfast, planning our daily agenda which consisted of exploring new amazing places, lounging on stunning beaches, hiking volcanos, diving, snorkeling, meeting new and old friends… 

But when every day is amazing, amazing sort of fades away… I realized that I appreciated things, places and experiences a lot less… Ha Long Bay? Yea, it’s cool but Palawan, Philippines is more stunning. (Or maybe it was because it was the first of its kind that I saw). If you have spoken with or are a traveler who has seen more than a few temples, you probably understand. Once you get to the 20th temple it is very hard to have the same appreciation and astonishment as you did for the first. So this is why we have decided to take a little break and almost reset ourselves instead of continuing on and feeling indifferent to these truly wonderful places. Which actually works out quite well because this gives us the chance to spend the holidays with our family and friends in Bulgaria and work on #3 of our detailed plan.

Oh, did I forget to mention we have a #3 to our detailed plan?

3. Start a family

It hasn’t been a secret that Loren and I have been baby crazy for sometime now. So big news, we have finally decided to pull the trigger and make a baby. Obviously that's a lot easier said than done considering neither one of us has mastered the art of producing sperm and so this is also why we have chosen to remain in Bulgaria for sometime. Yay for European health care because it means that we can actually afford the fertility treatments which are otherwise extremely expensive back in the States… actually so are all things health related. Seriously, America get your shit together.

How will it all work out? We do not know. What we do know is that starting a family is one of the biggest (if not the biggest) priority in our lives at the moment. Travel comes to #2 which is why we are working hard in order to find the magic formula of how to combine the two. Once we come up with it we will make sure to share it with all of you travel junkies, don't you worry. 

In the meantime, we hope you continue to follow our journey whether that means the one with the backpack or the one with the doctor because I think we are all in for a few surprises. 

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