10 fun "facts"

Here you can read 10 interesting/entertaining things about Bulgaria. Don't expect to get in depth tips on where to go or what to see, this is more so a list of every day observations from an outsider's perspective!


1. Bulgarians are great at reusing things, especially plastic retail bags. Not only do they have a purpose bringing the newly bought items home but then they take on a life as a brand new purse! Bulgarian women (and men) will carry around their plastic bag/purse for months and if it’s a Billa bag (think H&M plastic bag quality) it may have a life longer than that! Sometimes they will have extra plastic bags inside their bag too! Always best to be prepared!!

2. Most people are used to nodding up and down when saying yes, and shaking head sided to side for no. Not in Bulgaria because they like to be different! Many times they answer opposite when replying to others, but don’t think it will be THAT easy because it depends on the context. So instead try listening for “da” or “nay” for correct confirmation.

3. They sometimes yell in conversation, but don’t worry it doesn’t mean they are actually upset. You’ll know if they are!!

4. They eat a lot of feta.      No seriously. A LOT. They eat it on almost everything.


5. Bulgarians will go all out for their guest(s), they make enough food to cover an entire table. Even if a Bulgarian is broke, they will borrow money to make this happen. So be prepared to eat a lot so you don’t offend! Culture tip: They don’t rush through their meals, they sit and enjoy them. They do what’s called “meze” (pronounced: mez-ay) which is basically what they interpret as eating and drinking for extended periods of time, so expect to do that too.


6. Rakia is sort of the Bulgarian version of whiskey. It’s amazing and it’s anywhere between 40-80 proof depending on store bought or homemade. So sip, not gulp and alternate with water.


7. There are actual parking lots in Bulgaria. However, they are also sidewalks, curbs and lawns that can be parked on as well. Just see how others are parking around you for the “acceptable” style.

8. There are lots of verbal signs, but there are also many with clipart-style pictures too. This is quite helpful whether driving, staying in a hotel or looking at a monument. They even go as far as to tell you when there is a tunnel, and another to inform you when the tunnel has ended. Good thing for the sign, how else are you supposed to know you’ve exited the tunnel.

9. Bulgaria is so green and lush, especially outside the city. If you can, drive to one of the smaller villages and check out the greenery and the woods on the way to your destination.


10. Banitza (pronounced: bon-eats-ah) is the best food ever! It’s sold on the street, very inexpensive and works as a snack or a meal. YUMMMMM!