5 Rules to Travel By

We spent 9 amazing months traveling around SE Asia and we came up with 5 rules to help enhance our journey and create more of a challenge … so here they are:


1. Always take the stairs

Pai, Thailand

Pai, Thailand

This rule could also be named, “Always take the stairs AND WALK.” We actually walk a lot when traveling (and in general) but because we have so much love for scooters we take advantage of them whenever we can… so to be more precise we are only going to refer to stairs.

It is important to stay healthy and it’s very easy to be the opposite while traveling. The delicious food smells pouring from every corner are just one of the many temptations accompanied by the partying, sleeping in, the long bus rides eating chips and chocolate candy… you get my point. As amazing as traveling is, it can be very easy to slip into poor habits. So we came up with an easy rule - always take the stairs for a simple way to stay fit. Avoid escalators, elevators and any other sort of lazy methods of transportation whenever possible. 

2. When in doubt always go left 

Qui Nhon, Vietnam

It's easy to get lost even when using the awesome MAPS.ME app (if you haven't checked it out - you need to) so when in doubt, always go left. We had fun taking random and exciting adventures that started with a left turn. Worst case, you get even more lost but hey, who cares when there is something new and amazing to be seen everywhere?

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3. Avoid saying no

Here is where this rule came from… We were in Malaysia and we went to this simple, little shop on the side of the road to buy ice cream and water. Behind the counter was this sweet, young girl who barely spoke English but seemed very excited that two western tourists were in her shop. She pulled out a box of homemade sweets and offered me a treat. At first - my instant reaction was to politely refuse. In the States we do not take food from strangers, we just don’t. But then, my second thought was like, “Why not try it? What will I lose?” I ended up grabbing one that was so delicious - sort of like a pineapple cookie and then I had another, this one had fish inside and that was... different. The point I am trying to make here is that now I've had that experience because I didn't say no. You should always try new things otherwise you might be missing out. 

4. Always have snacks and never skip free food

This one is simple - always have snacks on hand. As I have mentioned before I am one of those people who gets hangry, you know the feeling when you get angry because you are so hungry? That's totally me. To avoid needless drama and confrontation we carry snacks (and by we I mean Loren). 

The second part of the rule “Never skip free food” this is also pretty self-explanatory. We are budget travelers, so it’s important to save whenever possible. You’ll be surprised how much free food you get on planes, in hostels, and more. Bonus, you can sometimes turn that free food into the snack you'll be needing later anyway.

(link for favorite snack?)

5. Never pass up a bathroom

Seattle, Washington

Ah, a classic. And one for a reason. For all people with tiny bladders (and really those with big ones too) this is for you. Use a bathroom whenever you pass one because you never know when your next chance might be.  It might be hours before the next one, so just trust us on this one.


So here you go... 5 simple rules for traveling that we lived by. Very easy to follow but they do make a big difference. We hope you can come up with your own set of rules to make your journey even more enjoyable and memorable.