There is no better way to see the world than alongside your partner, but there are also some very real challenges when traveling as a couple. Being with your significant other 24/7 can be the dream for some but it changes the dynamic and requires a bit of an adjustment. Now, we are not experts by any means but we have been together since 2010 and we have travelled together quite extensively so we have put together a few useful tips that we want to share with you.

1. Be a team! Chances are you will meet other people while traveling so make new friends and have fun but let’s be honest when things get serious - it comes down to just you and your partner. Respect each other and remember that you are a team and that you are in it together.

Exploring Ho Chi Minh with our newly made friends

2 Compromise, it’s one of the most important behaviors in a healthy relationship. It’s true for this traveling couple “guide” AND in general. You and your partner are different people, you want to do different things but you still want your partner’s company, so compromise. For example, Loren had a blast when we visited Kuala Lumpur’s Bird park… I on the other hand wanted to blow my brains out but I still let her drag me through the park for 2.5 hours. True love, I tell ya. Just make sure that you both get the chance to do these things you want and patience when it’s either not your turn or understanding when you both meet in the middle. You both need time to do what YOU as the individual wants to do and you need time for activities you can both enjoy together.

3. Give each other time apart because it is good for the relationship, the soul and let’s face it, your sanity. Let your partner miss you! Whether that means, one of you goes to a yoga class and the other gets lost driving somewhere, that’s ok…do what you each like to do and you’ll even have fun talking about your experiences later.

4. Make time for date night. Make sure you do something fun and out of the “normal” to enjoy a night out or make a day of it. It doesn't have to be expensive or anything super extravagant, what’s important is to make it special. Being on the road, we eat out almost every meal so we like to do something different, like going to see a show, a movie or simply have a picnic on the beach. Make it your own, but make it happen.

5. Communicate always because travel can be stressful due to various reasons and being together all the time can even amplify things. It’s always important to communicate about your feelings and whatever is going on. Communication is one of the staples of a healthy relationship anyway, so it should be happening at home or away.

6. Have fun and enjoy your time together and the places you visit. Don't take life too seriously and don't let it get you down if things don’t go your way because there are times THEY WON’T. Have a good laugh and enjoy each other’s company.

Loren scarfing waffles in Belgium

7. Bring snacks on all long layovers, extended bus rides or hikes. SERIOUSLY, BRING SNACKS! Don’t get hangry! If you are like Viki and hunger affects your mood always bring something small to settle your stomach. This is a great way to avoid unnecessary “squabbles.”

8. Split the responsibilities! Just like at home we still have responsibilities while on the road like finding plane tickets, booking accommodation, figuring out what to do and where to go. This goes hand in hand with Number 1, be a team and split the responsibilities. It shouldn't be just one person’s responsibility to plan everything. Do it together, take turns or create your own system based on each other’s strengths - whatever works for you.

9. Be flexible, I mean, it’s ok to make plans but more often than not, things don't go the way you want them to. Don't get frustrated and don't lash out your anger at the person closest to you (a.k.a your other half). It’s not their fault. I really like to plan and schedule things, so it’s been important for me to learn to go with the flow and to let go a little bit. It’s going to help your relationship as well as your mental health.

10. Love each other.

Somewhere in beautiful Vietnam