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Who are we and what is LezGo?

Well… not too long ago it was just two of us - Viki and Loren, a lesbian couple from Denver, Colorado from the good ol’ USA. Long story short we decided to ditch everything and to travel long term. As of February 23rd of 2019, however this has changed and not only that we have become a family of three but we have also chosen a different path..


What is the point of all this?



We live in the USA and surprisingly (and sadly) not many people travel outside of their own country. So when we decided to quit our jobs and ditch everything we felt sort of lonely.. we talked to our friends about our plans but it seemed that no one was very excited for us. Or let's rephrase that - everyone thought that we would never go through with it and that it was kind of crazy. Don't get me wrong, we have an amazing circle of friends that love and support us and who even love to travel! But traveling full-time and leaving behind everything is a kind of different beast that cannot be conquered by all. And while everyone around us is getting married, having kids or pursuing their careers we sort of checked out and decided to take a totally different route.. needless to say we are stoked about what's ahead of us and we wanted to share that excitement with the rest of the world. We are hoping that we can inspire people to follow their dreams and push their limits - get out there and visit a different place for the weekend, or a week.. or the summer. The time frame doesn't matter, what's important is to make the time and check it off your bucket list before it's too late. 



Tons of people assume that travel is for the rich - visiting that beautiful and exotic island in Southeast Asia must be super expensive so there is no way we can ever afford it! And yes, travel can be pricy but it doesn't have to be! We are average people making average salaries and yet we were able to save over $40,000 in a year! If we can do it, anyone can! 



Being part of a community has always been part of the human existence. Having support and the ability to share information with other people is of a great importance no matter the task. We hope that LezGO will provide exactly that - a sense of community for everyone who is taking on a new adventure or anyone who loves to experience things or places through other people.


So here is why... now check out the website and see what we have in store for you! 


Viktoriya michener


I was born and raised in Bulgaria but I've lived in the States for the past 10 years, most recently located in Denver, Colorado. I am a person of many contradictions: I am high-strung but I get over things pretty quickly, I am very much a social butterfly but I can also be socially awkward, I am very smart but I am not book smart, I love to budget and plan but only sometimes, I am impatient but also a very determined almost obsessive person... That being said I never finished college although I gave it a shot 3 times... If it seems like I am indecisive it's because I am. I LOVE FOOD and I don't know when to stop eating.. I love to write and I would like to be a better photographer. I would like to think that I know the value of life and I live it the way I want to. So far I have had a great time and I am about to make it even better!

Lauren michener


I live in organized chaos both in my mind and outside of it. I'm a little bit messy but at the same time I'm that person who has the amazing ability to organize and label things like you wouldn't believe. I'm a newly-recovering workaholic who is just trying to figure out what I want to be when I grow up. I am pretty laid back and I like to go with the flow. Staying true to my Colorado roots, I love the outdoors and doing things like snowboarding, hiking and camping. I am a long-time vegetarian and lover of spicy food. I have always hated coffee but that quickly changed when I started traveling full-time. My real love, however is tea.. I love a good cup of tea on a cold, winter morning or a hot afternoon on the beach. I love scary and creepy things and I am the first person to walk in a dark room because of a strange noise. Watching movies are my favorite hobby and no matter where I am - I find the time to enjoy them. I'm ready for a challenge and to push myself outside of my comfort zone.

Adelyn michener

baby protege

My duties thus far include being cute and keeping my two moms awake at any given time possible…

More responsibilities to be added shortly. Stay tuned.






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