From backpacking to parenting

So we are no longer on the road full time… We live in Bulgaria now and we are quite lucky to be able to travel (very budget friendly) to almost anywhere in Europe, Africa and Asia. Bulgaria is strategically located in Eastern Europe which makes it convenient to reach almost any point in the world. So yes… we are no longer traveling full time but in the past year since we came back from SE Asia we have managed to squeeze several different short trips in. We’ve visited Berlin, Rome, Athens, Brussels, Brugge, Romania (several cities), the States and of course other cities around Bulgaria. Considering we’ve done all of this while I have a full-time job is pretty good if you ask us.


But the biggest and most life-changing journey we’ve decided to take this year is the one into parenthood! Whaaat?! Yep we are turning 360 degrees…sort of. We still wanna travel, don’t worry. And that urge is even stronger now that we are expecting a little baby girl. Oh, I cant wait to take her on her first trip and experiencing everything through her eyes. Imagine that feeling you get when you first arrive to a new city, town or country - it’s all new, interesting and exciting. Now imagine that feeling plus the excitement of a little human eager to learn and experience new things! 

Needless to say things didn't just happen for us…. I mean as much as I have tried I just could not get Loren pregnant for some reason… so yes the baby is not a mistake. 


Jokes aside we have been talking about kids for quite sometime now. Loren and I have been together for 9 years and we have both always wanted kids so we knew it would happen eventually but we just didn't know when. After Sri Lanka we needed a travel break and we went back to BG for Christmas and ended up deciding to stay for good (or should I say for the time being). We decided to start the fertility process and the timing was perfect for so many reasons… Loren was (and still is) a trophy wife with no full-time job so she had the time to invest in going to all the appointments and doing all the procedures, plus reproductive medicine is waaaaaaayyyyy cheaper in Bulgaria compared to the States while still being high quality and very successful and last but not least, we were ready. We wanted a new adventure. So here we are on the verge of the biggest and most exciting adventure there is - being parents to a little girl. 


P.S. for those of you interested in the whole process of getting pregnant - stay tuned for more blogs.