Daily hacks on how to be zero waste:

Use a reusable water bottle - the sheer amount of waste from plastic water bottles alone is crazy. I will never forget what I saw while in the Philippines. We stayed on a small island, known as Black magic island called Siquijor. Such a beautiful place! Imagine….picture-perfect white sands, turquoise blue (or green) water, palm trees and sun! But then you jump in the water for a nice refreshing swim and you are swimming with a bunch of bottle caps, bottles and plastic bags. Needless to say not the nicest experience or the most relaxing. 

  1. Shop in bulk - bring your own containers and shop in bulk. It will save you money too! 

  2. Buy fresh fruits and veggies - simple, yet so hard to do sometimes. I don’t know about you but I love “bad” food, you know that type of food that is not only bad for the environment but bad for us as well. And although I very well know that it is still very hard to make a healthier choice sometimes. I have always admired people that are genuinely healthy and enjoying healthy food. Not that I don't but it is not necessarily my first choice all the time. You know what I mean, right? 

  3. Eat at home - going to restaurants or getting take out uses a lot of packaging and it is almost always one-use plastic. 

  4. Stop using straws - do you really need a straw to drink that juice? I mean, not taking a straw is such an easy way to cut down on waste but also protect areas and the creatures living there that get littered with these items.

  5. Use reusable or recyclable materials - choose glass jars or mesh bags instead of plastic options when buying groceries or drinks. Use a reusable tote bag and skip getting a plastic bag. Switch to glass Tupperware or simply use jars for your leftovers.  

  6. Buy used or up-cycled items.

  7. Stop compulsive shopping - from clothes to house hold items to whatever. The more we buy, the more they make. The more they make, the more we all waste.

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