The Beauty of living with less 

Before you dismiss this post, hear us out… Although minimalism seems to be one of those trendy things like Logan Paul or Pumpkin Spice Lattes (cannot believe I just made that comparison) it is the one thing that actually makes sense…


What is Minimalism? Briefly said for those of you that live under a rock and have not heard of it, minimalism is a choice of lifestyle which in many ways just means simpler, cleaner and well…minimal. That being said, please do not think that minimalists are people who do not have anything or sleep on the floor because they do not own a bed. In very broad terms, minimalism is the art of living with less things, but things that you love, use and that actually bring you joy. And if that means that your extensive movie collection of 1000 DVDs (looking at you Loren) brings you joy then the fact that you own 1000 DVDS does not make you any less minimalist. 

What do you get from Minimalism? Financial freedom, less clutter, less to worry about, less to clean, less to think about… less stress. Why is that? Imagine the following: you open your closet doors and you see a mess – clothes everywhere some hanging, some neatly folded, others thrown on the floor or on the shelf. Some of the clothes have never been worn, other do not fit you but yet they remain there- maybe one day you’ll want to wear that shirt you bought back in 2015 that was on sale and you really liked but it never fit quite right… but hey it was on sale and it is still new.. why throw it away? Every morning you open those doors and spend 10, 15 maybe 30 minutes looking for an outfit, feeling guilty that you no longer fit in those jeans or that you haven’t found an occasion to wear that “special” dress or shirt you have.

Now imagine a different scenario – you clean your closet every 6 months, maybe every 12 months by getting rid of clothes that no longer fit, those you do not wear and the ones that no longer look good. You only own clothes that you like and you want to wear every day. You do not spend time looking through your wardrobe in order to pick out an outfit because you can see everything that you own. You do not feel guilty and you do not have an outrageous credit card bill from your last trip to the mall because their “End of Summer Sale…”

Now which of those options do you like more? Would you rather start your day with that overwhelming closet? Or would you rather start your day simple and positive?

If you are intrigued, keep on reading. We have a few more posts on the subject. 

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