Minimalism - What and Where?

When you jump into the minimalism journey it can be very confusing what to do and what to focus on… so here we have created a simple list of areas in everyone’s life that could be improved by implementing minimalism. 

1. Material possessions - the most obvious one but probably one of the best places to start. Start slow to declutter and organize things one room or one section at a time and once you are done with that you can move on to a different area in your life. No matter what you are working on it is important to start slow and do it gradually otherwise it will be easy to get overwhelmed and give up. 

2. Digital minimalism - we have several posts in the works but it is important to keep everything simple even your digital life - social media, work emails, apps and games… IT can become too much at some point. 

3. Scheduling and time management - making the time to do what you have to and what you want to is incredibly important this day and age. Whether you use an organizer app, a planner or a Bullet journal it does not matter. What does matter is that you create a clear and simple plan of your day and your tasks in order to stay organized and productive. 

4. Financial minimalism - in my opinion the most important type of minimalism which is sort of a result of all the others. Simplify and reduce your expenses - create a budget or use apps such as Mint in order to help you stay on track. See where your money is going and re-track the cash flow towards paying off debt. Believe me, it might suck now but how sweet it will be when you’re not worrying about mortgage or loan payments in a few years? Create a goal or several that will help you stay focused…which brings me to the next point. 

5. Simplify your goals - create simple, achievable goals with a clear and manageable plan in order to achieve them. Once you achieve one goal replace it another one and so on. You might start simple like - go to the gym once a month, once you do that consistently you can change it to going to the gym twice a month and so on. Eventually your goal might be to go to the gym 20 times a month which is maybe what you wanted in the first place. But imagine setting yourself that kind of goal from the beginning - you will fail and then you won’t try again because no one likes failure. It is easier to quit than to fail. So be realistic and build up to your goal, it truly makes a difference.

6. Screen time - set limitations for how long you spend in front of the TV, on your phone or falling down into a YouTube hole. It’s crazy how easy it is to spend hours and hours watching funny kid videos or animals reunited with their military owners… and then wonder why you have no time to get everything on your list done. 

7. Your diet - yes, even your diet can be minimalistic. No, I don't mean starve… Eliminate foods and drinks that are bad for you. Try to eat wholesome foods such as fruits and veggies, grains and fresh meat. Say no to fast food, TV dinners and the like just because it is easy and saves time right now itstill doesn’t make it the best choice. 

8. Commitments - we all tend to pack so much into one day - work, kids, dentist, dinner with friends and at the end we are so tired and not present that we don’t even enjoy our time with family or dentist (hehehe, just joking. You know what I mean though). So this one is tied in with planing and scheduling your time. However don’t forget to schedule some “me” time too - spend time doing what you want in order to relax and recharge. 

Viktoriya IlichComment