Minimal Waste

Some of you may know that Loren and I left the States to travel the world or at least part of it. And this trip was such an eye opener and as cliche as it is - a life changing experience. Living in the States or really any well-developed country we seem to be sheltered from the harsh reality many others face. This really hit us pretty hard. The amount of trash we accumulate as a whole, regardless of where we live is astonishing. Take Thailand for example, the sheer amount of plastic this country uses is insane. You get a plastic cup for your smoothie, with a plastic lid, a plastic straw and they even give you a plastic bag to carry it in. Or take the States - have you ever ordered anything that has 30 pieces of plastic or styrofoam for the one small item you bought? Or go to the grocery store and see how many people leave with the plastic grocery bags. You get my point.

Well, before you say, “But we cannot change companies packaging.” True - but demand controls production so what we can do is make smarter choices and buy food in paper or glass packaging instead of plastic wrap or boxes, buy fresh fruit and veggies as they do not need any packaging at all, buy used or refurbished electronics, and so on. 

Loren and I started with the illusion that we could truly be zero waste and not produce any trash but that dream quickly dissipated. We live in Bulgaria now and as much as we love it here we have to admit that it is hard to live green on a budget. It is trendy and companies know that so they are taking advantage of it. There are Green, Organic, Bio and Eco friendly shops everywhere but the goods come at a pretty penny. And yes, while I think that it is worth spending more in order to be better and be less wasteful, I disagree that it should break the bank. It should be more affordable so that more people can do it. 

In our next post you can find a list of simple and cheap ways on how to go zero waste without breaking the bank! 

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