Don’t break the bank going zero-waste


So without messing around…here are 6 easy ways on how to minimize your waste without breaking the bank:

  1. Buy fresh fruits and veggies - not only will you help mother Earth but you will end up being a lot healthier and feel better if you include more fresh produce in your diet. And the kicker is that fresh vegetables and fruit do not need any packaging! Check for items on sale and buy seasonally as this will help you stay on budget! 

  2. Buy canned goods - cans are cheap and recyclable so win-win! Just look out for BPA-free cans.

  3. Check your local shops and stores as most will actually have zero waste items without even realizing it and you do not have to go to specialty shops such as Whole foods in the States or any organic, bio-shop in Europe. 

  4. Avoid buying new clothes or electronics - when possible try to get used or refurbished electronics which once again will hep you save money while getting what you want/need. Same applies for clothes as well! Thrift store shopping is my favorite as you never know what gem you might find! It’s a great way to look unique and save.

  5. I am not sure if this applies to other countries but at least in the States if you donate to a qualifying charity then you can get a small tax write-off. So instead of throwing away what you might not need any longer or you think is trash, just donate it! Someone will find value in your discards I’m sure of it. 

  6. Repair if possible rather then buying new - we live in a very convenience-first world that it is now so easy to buy new things without even thinking much about it. I mean I can simply ask Alexa to order something for me so that I don’t have to do it myself! But what if we try to fix it before we run straight for the “let me get a new one” option?

Viktoriya IlichComment