5 Simple Ways to Declutter

1. Organize your things - seems like an obvious one, right? Hear me out though. I don’t mean just organize your things but create systems to help you stay organized. It is easy to fall back into old habits so make it hard to do that by creating smart, simple and effective ways to keep yourself in line. For example: create a spot where you can hang your keys, leave your wallet and any belongings that you take with you on the daily. By doing this not only will you know where everything is at any given time, but when you are in a rush you do not have to go in 3 different rooms looking for your wallet, keys and watch. 

2. Get rid of unnecessary junk - it is totally up to you to decide what falls in that category. What helped us decide is 3 easy questions: When did I use this last? How likely am I to use it again? Does it benefit me in any way?

Let me explain. You have say, 5 T-shirts total, and you wear 4 of them. The 5th one is really nice, you wore it once but now it doesn't fit quite right. But it is really nice and you keep it in your wardrobe because well, you might wear it sometime in the future if you shed those extra 5 pounds you gained a few Christmases ago. Now let’s ask those questions “When did I use it last? - A while back (if longer than 6 months - get rid of it). How likely am I to use it again? - Let’s face it, not very likely, that weight ain't coming off. Does it benefit me in any way? - Honestly no… Every time you open your closet and you see that shirt it reminds you that you don't look the same way you did a few years ago and that you made a frivolous purchase that is nagging you every time you need to get dressed. 

Now look it from another perspective - your camping equipment. Obviously you do not use it all the time but the chance that you will use it again is very high and it does benefit you as you do not want to sleep on the cold ground… I mean, to each their own, but probably not. So this would be something that makes sense to hold onto.

3. In and Out - no, this is not a lunch break guys. Simply get rid of something whenever you add something new. OR simply do not get something new until you absolutely need it. We also tend to do regular clean-ups in order to reset and clear out from everything we might have forgotten we have and we do not need. 

4. Declutter gradually - don't just go and throw out everything you own… do it step-by-step as it might seem very overwhelming otherwise. There are lots of challenges so if it’s easier for you to follow a premeditated plan - look up the 30 days challenge, 12 things in 12 months, or any other similar purge challenges.

5. If you are unsure if you need something or you still convince yourself that you might wear that T-shirt from point 2 then bring it out where you can see it. Leave it on the counter or make it the first shirt in your closet. Give yourself a week and see if you can bring yourself to use/wear whatever the thing might be. If you can’t then you have your answer. 

Viktoriya IlichComment