Minimalism and pregnancy

Can you have kids and be minimalist as well? But how? Kids need so much! 

Let me begin with a disclaimer : yes, I am only speaking about the pregnancy part and no, I do not know how it will be once the baby is born but I will definitely let you know…

We are super excited about the new addition to the family and so are our families as well. With 2 sets of grandparents, 2 aunties, one uncle, cousins and many more chosen aunties and uncles it is hard not to get a lot of stuff even before the baby arrives. I admit, Loren and I have made some questionable purchases just because baby clothes are so cute! I mean, I know I am baby crazy but have you seen baby clothes nowadays?!? SO CUTE!


When we found out that Loren was pregnant we made the decision that we wouldn’t buy anything until we were in the “safe zone” so to speak. We also had a conversation about how we wanted to keep things minimal and get things only as we needed them and not over-prepare like it’s a baby apocalypse. One day, we decided it was time to get Specklyn something small just to make it feel real that we were actually expecting a real, human baby. For those of you who are not parents or are not about to become one in the near future - pregnancy and the fact that there is a baby inside of you or your partner’s belly does not seem real until that baby is about to crawl out of there. Loren is due in less than a month and I still don't believe that we are having a baby. Anyways, back to my story… we went to the mall thinking that we would get something nice but mostly useful. We ended up getting a light, summer dress and a pair of super cute socks. The socks were on sale and it was a great deal because otherwise they can be expensive… It was not a complete fail, we still got something practical. I mean, who doesn’t wear socks?

The moral of my silly story is that it is easy to end up with too many clothes, bibs, toys and whatever else babies need. Family and friends will gift things to before the baby even arrives and the gifts will keep coming more and more after the birth. So how to do it as a minimalist? 

We ended up having conversations with all of our closest family members and friends who might get us baby presents. We asked them not to get stuff for the sake of getting stuff and we offered them alternatives instead. With the risk of sounding super leech-y we asked for cash. The idea behind it is to set up a bank account for Specklynn which she can then use for whatever she likes. 

In our minds, this way we do not end up with endless amounts of things but we also set her up for the future. So far so good! Thank you family and friends for being amazing and for dealing with our madness :) we love you! 

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